Participation Guides

Application Period

- Application closes on Friday 23th Feb, 2018 (Will be closed when all booth spaces are booked )
※ If multiple companies form a group for participation, all companies in the group must submit the contract forms separately. If any companies other than what were mentioned in the contract are found in booths, participation will immediately be cancelled and the companies in question will be removed from the exhibition.
- E-mail : allfair@allfair.co.krFAX :+82)2-796-8711

- Participation inquiries : +82)2-796-8710

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Participation Fee

Raw Space (1booth=9m²) Less than 20 booth
Booth Size Booth Fee
2 ~ 3 USD 1,300 / booth
4 ~ 9 USD 1,100 / booth
10 ~ 19 USD 1,000 / booth
Greater than or equal to 20 booth
Booth Size 19booth fee Greater than or
equal to 20 booth
20 ~ 29 19booth : USD 19,000 USD 900/booth  
30 ~ 39 USD 850/booth
40 ~ 49 USD 800/booth
50 ~ 59 USD 750/booth
60 ~ 90 USD 700/booth
Standard Booth (1booth=3m*3m) Booth Size Booth Fee Remarks
1 booth USD 2,000/booth
(option) corner booth USD 220 additional charge
Facilities Provided
- standard booth, pytex(carpet), nameboard, 1 information desk, 1 chair, electricity 1kw
- A coner booth is a liner booth exposed to aisles on two sides.
- We will announce the standard booth image in website.

Marketing Support for Participating Companies

If participating companies notify us of their schedules during the exhibition & pre-event,
it will be promoted through Camping & Picnic Fair’s official SNS account.

Utility Service

Classification Unit Price Remarks
Electricity 220V kw USD 110 In case of Standard Booths,

1kw of electricity will be provided with out additional charges.
24 hours USD 150
Telephone Domestic Calls line USD 100 Usage fee and construction fee are included.
Lan line USD 220
Plumbing quantity USD 290
Compressed air quantity USD 290
Pytex booth USD 70


※ For any cancellations that occur, ‘Article 6’ of the exhibition participation policy will be applied like below.
'Article 6' Regulation of participating exhibition : In case the exhibitor cancels the contract after submitting the participation application, the exhibitor should pay the equivalent amount to cancellation charge regulated as following to the exhibition holder within 15 days since the cancellation of participation or decrease of booth size. And it shall be applicable regardless the date when the exhibitor submits the participation application. However, the entry fee that were already paid should be paid additionally in case it is shortened due to deduction for cancellation and shall be returned in case there is remaining balance.

Section Cancel 2~3 months
before opening day of exhibition
Cancel 1~2 months
before opening day of exhibition
Cancel 1 month
before opening day of exhibition
Cancellation charge 50% of entry fee
(booth rental fee)
70% of entry fee
(booth rental fee)
100% of entry fee
(booth rental fee)

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