"Camping&Picnic Fair 2017"
2016.12.08 조회수 1,007 파일  


is the keyword for the year 2017

‘The International Camping Fair’ will be started a new as ‘Camping&Picnic Fair’!

Camping&Picnic Fair is Korea’s ‘only exhibition that combines ’camping’ and ‘picnic’
by utilizing the current trend of ‘small’, ‘light’, and ‘close’.

Just like it was before,
our event will continue to be the representative exhibition that will create trends
in the camping&picnic industry through exceptional marketing&business decisions.

By expanding our reach towards our customers,
we will become the most successful partner in the business.

- Camping&Picnic Fair Organizing Committee -
+82 2 796 8710 allfair@allfair.co.kr

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